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I would highly recommend taking the journey with Nora towards improving your emotional and mental well-being. Her Reparenting Walk helped me re-connect with nature, grounding myself in the many milestones of Earth's history which has nurtured life on the planet. Nora allowed us personal time to reflect, as well as take part in activities which promote personal growth and healing; all whilst guiding us through breathtaking coastal scenery, both along the shore and into field and forest. The experience was so very good for my soul. 
- Dr Tina Sansom

I very much enjoyed Nora's Ecotherapy walk.  It was a very unique experience; combining the discovery of the beauty of the Isle of Wight with the creation of space for personal reflection. This is a beautiful combination and incredibly important for the times we live in; where deepening our connection to nature has such positive effects on our emotional wellbeing and environmental protection. Would highly recommend!
- Nora Clinton

I attended Nora's Reparenting walk last month and found it very informative, inspirational in the most beautiful setting. Nora made us all feel very relaxed and engaging. The steps exercise was powerful and overall a very positive experience. 
- Paula

Nora is a true storyteller who takes you on a journey to the start of everything whilst creating a warm and safe atmosphere.
- Anna

Nora's walk was both informative and enjoyable. It allowed reflection on the marvels of the Earth along with my own life.
- Lianne

I thoroughly appreciate Nora's ability to help guide us through a journey into ourselves and understand the resilience of the earth in the process. Not to mention the beautiful route we walked through. 
- Sami A

A lovely walk with interesting people, making yourself have time to enjoy the lovely surroundings on offer in our local area. I enjoyed stepping out each year of my life.
-Gail Collins

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